Our Mission

Immanuel Lutheran Church exists to enable all people to be…ROOTED in God’s Word, GROWING in Christ’s Love, BRANCHING out to Serve, BEARING fruits of Faith.

How to Become Involved in Our Mission

We invite you to become actively involved in the mission of our congregation.  We invite you to be

ROOTED in God’s Word by worshiping and studying with us.  We offer a fully staffed Sunday School so that children are rooted in God’s Word.  We encourage you to be

GROWING in Christ’s love by participating in the many fellowship activities of Immanuel.  We invite you to

BRANCH out to serve and

BEAR fruits of faith by joining with us in bringing the message of Jesus to the nations, and by becoming actively involved in our outreach to our community and the world.  If you do not have a church home, one of our pastors is happy to talk to you about making Immanuel your Church home.